About Us

Bonaventure Travel Inc. provides first rate personalized travel services to all our clients and after 37 years of steadfast service, we are still committed to exceeding your expectations! We diverge from the large corporate model to offer a more comfortable environment more suitable for planning your getaway.
Our clients benefit from years of experience, competitive rates and outstanding knowledgeable staff. Whether you are planning the grandest holiday getaway or looking to rent a car for a few days, we will help you on your way.
It’s no surprise that 90% of our customers come back to us for their next trip. We’re here to provide superior quality service to you, our valued clientele.
By diligently researching the lowest price and offering expert advice to give you the best value, our agents go above and beyond to whisk you abroad and beyond!

Our Agents

The staff at Bonaventure Travel have been working together for many years. Every member of our team is especially suited to look after a variety of different travel needs. We keep you well informed and will work hard to ensure that every aspect of your travel arrangements happens smoothly. At Bonaventure we take the time to understand your unique travel plans!

Michael Kroeker


After receiving his private pilot licence, Mike fell in love with all things trave...

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Cheryl Gilmore

Cruise and Travel Specialist, CTC

Cheryl Gilmore brings extensive travel experience to us from her background in the...

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CJ Piatkowski

Senior Travel Consultant

Cj has worked in the travel industry for over 30 years. She is passionate about ar...

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Fiona Stafford

Independent Travel Consultant

Fiona is based in Southern Manitoba near the town of Altona.In her fifteen years' ...

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Lori Neufeld

Independent Travel Consultant

Lori is based in the community of Niverville and operates as Bonaventure Southside...

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Charlene Underhill

Contact Fiona Stafford

My travel career began in January of 1970. Most of those years have been working i...

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