Bonaventure Travel Update: Michael Kroeker From Bonaventure Travel gives Classic107 Travel Industry update

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Over the past 7 months we have been hearing about, talking about, and in many cases experiencing the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the arts and entertainment industry and brainstorming ways to stay afloat. Of course, those in arts and entertainment are not the only affected. This week Diamond lane host Ashley Rees had a candid conversation with Michael Kroeker of Bonaventure Travel to find out more about how the travel industry is keeping on as 2020 continues to serve up restrictions and limitations.

For people that are travelling right now, Kroeker says that airlines, hotels, and tour operators are doing their very best to keep clients safe with incredible cleaning protocols. For people who are planning to travel in the future, Kroeker implores that they book using a Travel Professional. Whether a person is travelling domestically or internationally, Travel professions 'have to tools and contacts to help the general consumer', he says. From providing exclusive deals to receiving better treatment, Travel Professionals want you to have the best possible and safest experience and are working very hard to provide that.